Sunday, January 20, 2019


DEBATE: Blasphemy, or Stupidity? — Episode #76

Stephen Fry is being investigated and accused of violating blasphemy laws for statements made in an old interview on Irish Television. But can what he said be classified as blasphemy or can it more accurately be characterized as pure stupidity? Fry’s idea of “God” is typically distorted, and we will be debating over the substance of his words.

Religion’s Place in Society – Episode 75

What is the balance, or nuance that should be established when discussing religion, and religion's place in society? We discuss a couple of news stories that provide an example of lack of nuance when discussing religion's role in the culture. We also talk about observing the big picture—true in religion, true in the politics, and true in the world.

Chemical Attacks in Syria – Episode #73

Discussing the chemical attacks in Syria, and America’s response. Also talking about the latest terror attack in Sweden. And a high school student getting...