Tim and Cal talk about some news stories dealing with “sexual education” and sexual misinformation. It results in a bit of a heated back-and-forth regarding sex education, and sexual ethics


  1. I was one of those kids who saw sexual content at way too young of an age. It was the night before my 10th birthday and I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited. The Moon was very bright that night, so I decided to look out my window. BAD IDEA. I ended up seeing gay porn through my neighbors window because he happened to have his blinds pulled just enough for me to see his tv screen. It shocked me so badly that it still bothers be today, almost a decade later.
    It’s not just that children are seeing things at too young of an age, they are also having access to things things they shouldn’t see at ANY age. Young children don’t need sex education, they need adults who are responsible enough to keep these things way from children! Lord, help us… There is so much ugliness, perversion, and evil in the world! Thank you, Vericast, for giving the world some of the beauty it is so sorely lacking in!

    • What entered our eyes were sealed in our memories. Sex, the best gift that God has given mankind, can also be the very cause that destine a soul in hell. May I suggest a priest’s advise: cast all bad thoughts, looks, words, and actions back into hell and give the second good thoughts, looks, words and deeds to God. We receive more graces when we strive to be perfect like the Father.

      • Yes, great advice! That is what I strive to do every day! I can’t even remember the image ( My mind blocked out the memory, thank goodness) but I remember what I felt when I saw it. It only bothers me some when I think about it and it is very easy for me to forget it again, because I am completely in love with beautiful things (God and his Church being the most beautiful). I make and study art, and can’t help but notice God’s beautiful nature whenever I get the chance! I’ve seen and been around enough bad stuff and enough of God’s beauty to keep my eyes on Jesus. I did make it sound like it bothered me more than it does in that first comment. Thanks! 🙂

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