It’s the return of The Dialogue, and in keeping with tradition, we hit a range of topics, spending some time (and basing a little debate) on Islamophibia and the question of creating laws to forbid people from having an opinion that’s contrary to the hive-mind of the secular world.


  1. beautiful. it’s great to get both logical opposing possibilities. Glad this episode existed.

  2. It became the straw that broke the camel’s back. This time around we’re keeping it flexible, and no longer live, so that it’s more manageable for my workload.

  3. MBKCatholicGift True. But to be fair they would probably not get over watching their mother get beaten up by their father on a daily basis.

  4. That is not an applicable scenario. In a case of abuse you have to act in favor of protection of the person. which may mean separating from the abuser. Moral theology isn’t simplistic. That’s just how morality in secularism is 😉

  5. CalKane MBKCatholicGift Cal, you are describing a case that is relevant but not the common one. That is like arguing in favor of abortion across the board and arguing the case that it is needed because of the eminent “back alley wire” abortions. 

    By observation, it seems that most divorces occur due to money situations or because of an unfaithful spouse. In those cases, I believe that the parents are obligated to their children and each other through wedding vows to work things out.

  6. MarcusBarrera CalKane MBKCatholicGift Yeah for sure. At least I hope that the situation I described is not a common one 🙁

  7. Glad you gents were able to work out a time for doing the show!  As always, we Vericats (or VeriCatholics) enjoy both of your accents.  Thanks Tim for continuing to knock yourself out for us…you remind me of a line used by Tevie to Motle the tailor in Fiddler On The Roof — “What are you crazy?!  You’re the groom, the matchmaker, the rabbi, the wedding guests all rolled into one?!!”

    Just one or two more comments…we are all pro-choice, Cal.  We have a choice whether or not to be sexually intimate…that action may actually produce another male or female…a baby in the womb of the woman.  To play Monday morning quarterback and say in a number of weeks…hmm, I regret my choice, so time to kill the baby in the womb so I don’t have to live with my choice that I made to be sexually intimate doesn’t follow.

    And this supports the beauty of indissoluble marriage.  Sexual intimacy belongs in marriage between two committed persons, male and female, for the procreation, care and raising of another (or other) human person(s).  To marry is to enter into a commitment for life…a commitment of love, sacrifice, and giving of oneself entirely to another and to agree to care for and raise all children conceived in the marriage of one male to one female.

    May God bless you both this day and eternally 😉

  8. We really enjoyed this episode of The Dialogue. The give and take format with Cal was refreshing to listen to. The talk about Islam is so relevant in today’s conversations, great insight. The chemistry between the two of you is smooth and easy, respectful, and totally intelligent. Looking forward to more episodes on the Vericast Network. God Bless you both!!!!

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