Talking about the Planned Parenthood videos from both an atheist, and Catholic perspective, we then get into talking about our thoughts on feminism, gender, and basic intellectual honesty that’s missing from the modern culture.


  1. Listening now Cal and Tim…thank you so much for taking the time to listen and understand the horror…more later 🙂

  2. The feminism discussion is excellent.  The woman that was quoted on her “husband list” would never be happy.  She wants a slave–not a husband–who will jump at her every command and never win an argument.  What a bunch of hooey! 
    Marriage is daily sacrificing your wants out of love for the other.  Someone once said that marriage is NOT 50-50…that falls far short.  Rather marriage is 100-100 where the husband and wife have and foster an exclusive and unique depth of love. The relationship is usually as strong as each person’s act of giving oneself to and for the other.
    My husband and I have been blessed with four children (ages 18-22), and we have given ourselves daily to their care and formation.  But, our relationship as husband and wife is not shoved to the back burner as we’ve cared for them.  Quite the contrary, because what we’ve known was always important was the strength of our relationship provides an unseen peace and security that they are now aware as young adults is a high priority should they marry.
    How I wish women that foolishly desire to dominate men would not be given a platform unless it is used as you have…to expose the shallowness and error of it.
    Looking forward to this last half hour!  You guys are great!

  3. Absolutely refreshing to hear two gentlemen who are not addicted to sports!  As much as I loved following football and baseball when I was younger, my belief that they have gone way beyond the idea of sports into the land of greed has freed me from their folly.
    I do want to thank you both, again, for taking the time (and stomach) to watch and discuss the exposing of PP videos.  All footage of the unedited videos was verified by a third party, so even though Cecile kept claiming “highly edited” and therefore lies,  she has been shown to be the liar.

  4. Here is an article and quick video exposing PP and Cecile for their years of lies regarding mammograms…it is called mammoshams.
    I believe Tim posted the powerful testimony from the woman who lived following a botched abortion and has some sort of disability as a result of the solution they inject into the mother’s womb to murder the baby prior to the final abortion procedure.  Horrific and a total lack of compassion and the blindness of their any form of dignity to human life.
    The truth will free us from this evil.
    I tried to enter this in my other comment on edit (since I mistakenly posted before I was finished) and my editing time had expired.  Sorry I have so many comments.
    God bless.

  5. Tim, you like watching men just wearing shorts hitting each other and men in costumes dancing?  You better check your man card!  It might be expired. 🙂

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