Our thoughts on Brussels, terrorism, and the cultural response to critical dialogue regarding Islam, Race, and reality. Also, is the legalization of drugs sensible or stupid, given the current state of crime, and in light of what we learned during Prohibition in America?


  1. CalKane AFlowerofStTherese Hi 🙂 I’m still getting use to your accent. When you first mentioned marijuana, I was thinking “what?!” 🙂 lol

  2. Really enjoy The Dialogue. Gives so many different perspectives and thought lines, not to mention it shows how much both a Catholic and an Atheist can have in common!

  3. Top gun guys!  Thanks Tim and Cal…fun. 
    I don’t know if Cal has heard of Robert Spencer; however, I know you have Tim.  When you spoke of Islam terrorists, and how the pc police jump in the minute Islam is mentioned, I recalled a truly interesting youtube video that I watched were Spencer explains that, while Secretary of State, Hiliary agreed to or proposed some U.N. resolution to not “name or equate” terrorism with Islam, and as a result of that “agreement” Obama will not identify terrorists as Islamic…nor will she.  This agreement has not descended upon the U.S. citizens as yet, but it will even though it is in direct violation with the first amendment.
    This is the Spencer link:
    Thanks gents for The Dialogue!  Love it!

  4. I studied Islam for almost 7 years.  I found Muslims to be very  enthusiastic for their faith.  They will say why you should be Muslim with real fire in the belly.  I don’t find that with Catholics on a regular basis.  Many times I find Catholics almost apologizing for being Catholic.  If Catholics were as enthusiastic as Muslims, the world would be a better place.
         Read the history of Islam.  The only way there was ever a semblance of order in the Islamic world was when a strong man was keeping a boot on the peoples necks.  Islamic history is littered with one despotic regime after another.  The whole “Golden Age” of Islam is almost a whole cloth fabrication of revisionist historians. 
         In my years studying Islam, I’ve never met one person, not one, that’s read the Quran.  The ignorance of Islam in America is shameful.  20% of the world is Muslim.  If we were to be honest, moderate Muslims are actually bad Muslims.  It’s the moderates that aren’t living their faith correctly, according to the fundamentalists.  Islam’s greatest failing is the same as protestants.  No central authority.  No Magisterium to tell them the proper interpretation of the Quran and Hadiths.  Every individual Muslim is their own God.
         There are many great things in the Quran and Hadiths.  Many great Islamic scholars have interpreted the faith in a moderate way.   The fundamentalists say the later war like parts of the Quran abrogate the earlier peaceful parts.  Most of the classical Islamic scholars have interpreted them as situational to times of war only.  The problem with the abrogation argument is, you have a God that changes His mind.  Why would you follow a God that says. “All that stuff I told you before, forget all that?”  With no central authority, who’s to say the fundamentalist are wrong?  That’s why Muslim’s are all over the board in their beliefs.  From the beautiful, peaceful Sufis to Osama Bin Laden.

  5. Cal,  you first said make all drugs legal, then you say keep some away from recreational use.  So someone using ketamine outside of medical usage wouldn’t be illegal?  So, you do believe some drugs should be illegal?  Which is it? 
       Sorry Cal, I live in Colorado, people are still buying illegally, because it’s cheaper than the legal pot shops.

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