Which side are you on?  People seem to be confused about that question, and in trying to find the “right” side, they often get lost—sometimes landing on some right answers, but not knowing why. Which means they apply the right answers dangerously. We talk about war, politics, race, gender, in this episode, so be prepared for some realness!


  1. PC1170 dreverettpiper Cernovich To be clear, only briefly discussed it toward the end. Stand by for timecode…

  2. PC1170 dreverettpiper Cernovich About the 1 hour, 1 minute, 45 second mark, onward. That sets up the point I make regarding the story

  3. The last minute condom comment…Oh Cal, that was slick ;). I can’t agree with you, but I still got a kick out of that!

  4. Who are we to say what leaders another country freely elects?  How would you feel if France or China said they didn’t want who we elected for President?  You would tell them to kiss your ass. 
    We actually did change the regime in Iran.  Iranians freely elected someone we didn’t like and we helped overthrow him and put in the Shah. 
    The Muslims are breeding seven times faster than Europeans.  When Muslims are in the majority, they’ll just vote in all the things they want.  Coming soon to a European country near you.
    You can’t blame the backlash against Muslims.  They’ve made themselves unwelcomed.  They have no plans to fit in and follow the laws and mores of the countries they come to.  They’re arrogant and expecting all the free stuff they can get.  They don’t respect, and actually hate, the people and cultures they move to. 
    You can respect other cultures, but you don’t have to surrender to them.  Cal’s right.  I never owned a slave, gassed a Jew, or killed an Indian.  I won’t buy into that whole guilt trip. 
    Celebrate your STD?  Pox Americanus!

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