Discussing some sexuality subjects in preparation for our next live debate about sex and contraception. We get into deep discussions about pornography, gender, orientation, and chastity.


  1. Well you did quote Wisdom in that one debate about how christianity was a good for the culture. XD

  2. Cal no one dies from being chaste XD its possible for everyone. There have been people who have died from not eating though. People are just unchecked. Without something like a higher moral standard, people will indeed do whatever they want. Today the cultural moral standard is hollywood, which says a lot.

  3. Cal & Tim — Outstanding discussion!  Tim, I have never heard you at your best balanced effort until this Dialogue!  That time away from the network has sharpened your intellect, brother.
    So much in one Dialogue/pre-debate…a couple of things come to mind that may have been mentioned during one of my “brain blinks” but first regarding pornography (which I can only go on what I have been told by people who have parented, or listened to confessions, or counseled, etc., young through old men addicted to porn).  With easy access, porn addiction has sky-rocketed, sadly.  But the one thing that each person I spoke with over the past 20 or so years has been that it is an “addiction” and must be treated as such.  That it is mind altering and not to be treated lightly.
    Another moment that comes to mind is, of course, contraception.  Cal, you were so funny [cute sounding] as though Tim was trying to make you and Emma pledge celibacy!  My understanding, which may be flawed and incomplete, is to think of sexual intimacy strictly reserved for the adult male and adult female who are committed to one another for the rest of their days, who day in and day out love, cherish, respect, care for….  Love not being a “feeling” (since feelings change throughout our days) but rather a sacrifice.  Love is sacrificial and desires all that is good for the beloved.  So, to connect this to contraception, one thought is my husband and I cannot be sexually intimate all of the time.  We were sexually intimate much more frequently before having children.  We’ve made adjustments over the years as I would think you and Emma have.  Tomorrow, I could have an accident and be in some condition that I may never be able to be sexually intimate with my husband again.  As much as we would want to be intimate, it would just be impossible.  I would hope that because my husband has had to curb his appetite throughout our 25 years together, he would be able and willing to sacrifice sexual intimacy possibly for the rest of our lives.  Or, you gave an example of having 7 or so children, and financially you can see that at the moment you cannot afford to conceive another child.  Women who are aware of their bodies and their cycles actually can quite accurately discern when they will ovulate and thus be able to conceive.  There are many different methods with natural family planning (which can also help a couple decide when conception is highly likely and therefore try to conceive during that time).  Normally, abstaining from sexual intimacy is about 7 or 8 days a month vs. having no idea of ovulation and abstaining f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  emphasis added for fun.
    Just some side info they are now finding regarding birth control pills (not only the higher risk of breast cancer and other cancers ), our ground water and rivers and lakes and wherever our water goes after leaving the commode, is having an adverse affect (or is that effect?  never remember) on the fish in our sea and possibly the male population eventually…time to get rid of women’s birth control because of A-Z reasons.
    Great show and I hope to listen Saturday but will be finishing a yard sale (desperately need to simplify our lives).

  4. What I find interesting and amusing, most transgender warriors are also atheist where science trumps everything.  Yet,  they deny the science of genetics.  A man saying he’s a woman will still have male DNA.  Science is king, except when it stands in the way of what they want. 

         The foundation of atheism is a denial of science.  Atheists claim everything came from nothing.  Where in science has something been created from nothing.  Never.  Anything that happens outside of scientific explanation is categorized as a miracle.  So atheism is based on a miracle.

  5. Sorry Cal,  the World Health Organization has said that contraceptives are only about 50% effective against STD’s.  Contraception is Russian Roulette with three chambers loaded.  Contraceptives also raise dangerous blood clots in women.  Since the adoption of contraceptives breast cancer rate has increased 400%.  If you loved your wife, why would you place her in such a dangerous position.

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