“Kid Conundrums” — Episode 45


When you form children, you’re forming the future. With that in mind, what kind of future are we forming when kids are raised to be good citizens, but not Good persons? Covered in this episode are immunization, education, the family’s disposition, absentee parents, and more.


  1. “Unless you are corrected and “made right”, “not made less wrong”…” ah yes, the error perpetuates!  Well spoken, Tim, and lamely spoken, guy banning words he finds offensive (to others).  You guys are so missed…enjoying every moment…now, back to The Dialogue.

  2. Tim/Cal
    Enjoyed the show.Dealing with the subject of education I agree with you guys that we have a misunderstanding of the word.Education should be about developing independent thought and realising potential for every child.Your “hive mind”comment Tim sounds like Borg collective from a Star Trek show. The vaccination topic is rather controversial. The sooner we have a vaccine for common sense the better after all so many people don’t seem to be using any.
    Keep up the good work thank you

  3. Cal
    Thanks for the comment.I am enjoying the various discussions between Tim and yourself.Its a rare thing to find civility and sense as most of the modern media appears saturated with celebrities who are two dimensional.
    Keep up the good work

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