“Human Cloning & Artificial Intelligence” – Episode 46


The idea of cloning human beings is scary. What is its real value to the human order, and what are the moral implications, and the risks to humanity? This takes us into a conversation about souls human intelligence, and artificial intelligence, which is almost as scary as cloning!



  1. What if a soul had held an inherently infinite characteristic rending it impossible to store or program? If one was to concede souls exist and hold this trait, it would mean that humanity is utterly unique in this regard and could only be imitated and not recreated in totality.

  2. Tim Cal A,
    Another good show. The moral mine fields of cloning and A I. The implications of misusing A I can be catastrophic.Robots have no purchase power requirements.Did you know Henry Ford who was involved mass car production in the 20s was warned against the removal of the human element in the workplace.People buy cars machines don’t.Henry was trying for 100%automation but as Skynet hadn’t been built
    The powers of the soul are 1 Memoory 2 Will power 3 Understanding these are the characteristics its incorporeal
    Cloning will accelerate the dehumanising of the person designed for spare parts what a horrendous state of affairs.
    Keep up the good work

  3. Celtic barry Glad you enjoyed the show. I really appreciate your comments and support.  Please pray for us.  God be with you!

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