“Letting Off Steam” — The Dialogue #48


It’s time to let off some steam! Tim brings down the thunder on a ridiculous video that questions the existence of Jesus. Cal let’s the fire fly against Black Lives Matter and the hypocrisy of some modern secular cultural thought



  1. Cal/Tim,
    An interesting array of topics. The comments from the moderate mosque spokesman being ignored by political chancers and social justice activists doesn’t surprise. The insults to the late Fr Amorth from modern atheists give me the impression that they are insecure about their own position,saturated with Narcissistic tendencies.
    Tim you were in the marines what was the penalty of desertion? Now go to the crucifixion were guards at the tomb? What do you think the penalty in the 1st century Roman legion was for desertion of you post? Would the soldiers know?
    Cal nice to hear the comments re Fr Amorth a civilised atheist rare in the modern world
    Keep up the good work

  2. Riddle me this Tim Haines…What’s so wrong with living in the suburbs?!?  lol…you are a stitch!
    Cal, you come up with some of the greatest, “Imagine this…if you and I were…”  Thanks for some of the most entertaining and excellent analogies!
    Nice haircut, Tim!
    There is a service crisis in this world!  It starts from the top down.  Our President is supposed to be there to serve the people…not rule as a tyrant over them.

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