The Dialogue’s 50th Episode Celebration!


It’s our 50th episode, and we’re celebrating four years of friendship, and “friendly dialogue, and soft debate” with a few drinks and a look back on some past, early episodes of The Dialogue. We share some stories and a few laughs, and we answer some questions from the live audience.



  1. What a fun and enjoyable show!  Here is to many more episodes.  Cal, I have a profound respect for you and you are a true gentleman.  I think you would be a most powerful force in the Catholic culture if you ever convert.  🙂  I will keep you in my prayers – be  strong.  I look forward to the next Dialogue.  Peace be with you both.

  2. Love it so much so far…I want you to rest assured, Cal, that the further you go back in most people’s lives [who are over the age of 25] the more you’d find that we were much more of an ass back then.  Too true, too true… 😉
    …back to the show!

  3. Hello guys, I believe that this very evening I happened to have a civil conversation with a classic athiest.
    There really are people like Call out there.

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