Bullying – Episode #51


Bullying has been part of the experience of human adolescence since the caves. But how we handle it today is, in our opinion, very contrary to the natural human constitution, because culturally perpetuate the “victim state” but do not give young people confidence, or teach them how to rise above adversity.


  1. Cal, you have a lot of good points about the self driving car. But I just can’t wait to own one.lol. I’m willing to bet that most of the buyers will be women. BTW what does it mean to “lay the smack down on that ass”? LOL . :^D Is that Brooklyn vulgarity?

  2. Btw Tim
    What is your opinion on the New York bombing that happened a month or so ago and the media reaction? You never mentioned it.

  3. TheDRSophia AFlowerofStTherese We have a similar saying  in Scotland but this is a family show so I’ll not repeat it  🙂

  4. Par Excellence! I thought Tim was going to comment about perhaps THE longest Cal tirade (and rightfully so) thus far recorded in 51 Dialogue episodes!  Truly well done gents!  Keep up the great work.

  5. Tim/Cal,
    A couple of interesting subjects. Do you sue the programmer of driverless cars or the car manufacturers? You are creating a legislative nightmare. The lawsuits shall multiply especially in your neck of the woods Tim.
    In dealing with the subject of bullying it isn’t going to stop because the bully misunderstands the real idea about power. Real power will refuse to abuse every time. Bullying is a form of deficiency in the individual/state etc
    Keep up the good work

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