Politics and Reason – The Dialogue #54


An atheist and a Catholic discuss American politics, the election, and political correctness. We debate over Trump and Clinton, then talk about a British governing body enforcing soft Sharia on a British citizen, and then, talk about the morality and ethics of sexual promiscuity and prostitution.



  1. Tim/Cal
    Another interesting discussion the American media is so skewed for the Democratic Party its unreal. How things changed since JFK era. If Trump gets elected he will need an alternative to the Obama care system. Your debts exceed 20 Trillion dollars I don’t see how you reverse course with a protectionist policies in 4 years.
    The subject of prostitution will be difficult unless you teach respect for women in the first place. The Casanova complex of some don’t recognise that kind of lifestyle is superficial and lacking in character or credibility.
    Keep up the good work

  2. I should probably wait til I hear the whole thing before I comment but Tim said that if you’re here illegally, the only taxes you pay are sales tax… That’s not 100 percent correct. If you’re here illegally and you work, you can apply for an ITIN in order to pay income taxes. Then when you do get your SS numver, IRS ties them together. I won’t get into the fraud that can and does occur with that but I know many that do pay income taxes.

  3. Sabrina
    The fact that the majority of illegal migrants within US boundaries don’t apply for registration an ITN,IRS or SS number when they are inside the country immediately means that they are part of the problem enabling both lower wages and living standards. This is one way of recognising bad employment practices. A fair employer will pay a living wage for the job. If half comply that means local and federal resources are strained. The major problem is that corporations hire lawyers and accountants to avoid tax liability

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