Life, Liberty, Chaos — The Dialogue #55


DDiscussing the election of Donald Trump, economics, and the philosophies of life, freedom, human sexuality, and teen pregnancy.



  1. You impress me Cal. You went from clueless atheist to practically speaking like a top notch catholic theologian. You’re views on prostitution are in line with John Paul the second. So, whatever you’re doing. Keep on reasoning through things and I’m pretty sure you’ll be a Catholic. Sent me a baptismal invitation. Or at least go live during that ceremony.

  2. President Elect Donald Trump is a better option for the American people as far as morality is concern. His immigration policy, however, doesn’t reflect Church’s teaching on caring for the poor. It’s the year of Mercy and Catholics are called to embody the corporal works of mercy. I was talking to a young mexican friend online who feels so much sadness for her family. I think the church’s role especially the clergy is to be that moral voice that reminds the world of the humanity of not just the unborn but also the humanity of immigration. Families are going to be torn apart and suffering. God Bless America and God Bless the Vericast Network.

  3. World War 2 veterans are my heroes! <3Let me answer that question for you, Tim. If your friend’s mother had aborted him, there’s a chance I wouldn’t even exist.

  4. Tim/Cal,
    An interesting show the apparition was Our Lady of Good Success Tim in the 1600s but she was speaking about 20th century
    With the subject of abortion the tragedy is not only the death of the unborn but there is a psychological trauma within the woman of regret for a great number of them though the figure quoted include miscarriage but are called abortion what percentage that is I’m not sure
    Cal did you know that no political party advocated the abortion in 1966 general election but a private members bill the following year was given a free vote in the House of Commons now half a century later we have more than 6 million deaths for the record abortion on demand wasn’t legalised but the incidents you both stated
    President Trump has a lot of work ahead though he beat the whole media system. It tells me that the American voters were fed up with the spin and the work promises to the mid west states better become tangible or they will vote the other way in four years.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Celtic barry Thanks Barry for reminding me of the apparition. I know she spoke a lot of the 20th century there, but I thought the statement about children not being virgins was about an era further on from then. I could be remembering it wrong.  In any case, if we’re not there now, I think we will be in the next 15-20 years because this degradation of the culture, and cultural morals isn’t simply moving forward, but it’s growing in pace and in intensity, to where the adults are becoming more depraved while the youth are becoming corrupted earlier and earlier.

  6. AFlowerofStTherese What an interesting statement and an interesting angle! You’re right; the chain reaction of abortion is wider and of greater consequence than we think.   WWII Veterans are my heroes too. That was an inspiring generation.

  7. Just when I think you two can’t have a better show, you guys prove me wrong again! Tim and Cal – this show is so informative, satisfying, and thought provoking. I was really pleased with this show especially the sex/condom/abortion discussion – it was very real! It’s so great to hear logic and reason every week from the both of you, and discussion of big issues in a respectful manner. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they would show things like this on TV (instead of the trash!)- how much more of a reasoned world we would live in! Keep ’em coming gents!

  8. GabrielDannemiller Thanks a lot Gabriel!  I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m grateful for the kudos, which means a lot to us.  You’ll probably never see us on TV, but you could always spread the word about the show and people can still get a good dose of truth and logic that way 🙂
    Thanks for your support of our work. You always drop comments, and I know that takes time. But it means a lot to me and Cal to know that the work is appreciated, is hitting the mark, and is serving the audience.  God be with you

  9. AFlowerofStTherese
    Hey you,
    First a heads up! This will be my concluding message on The site censorship is too strict. I’ve had comments blocked (hence the message being sent here, make sure you read it in your email, it probably won’t last here for long).
    A few closing points…
    Chastity is absolutely essential for the priesthood. Any priest who struggles in this area, depending on the priest and his spiritual director, should be either released from the priesthood or suspended (live as a monastic) until he has been chaste for 6 months to 2 years minimum (after any slip). Church leaders since the 1960’s have become far too relaxed in this area. Chastity is a basic requirement to being a priest. Men who can’t be chaste don’t belong in the priesthood until they are grounded in this virtue. It’s a foundational virtue for the priesthood.
    It’s not disrespectful to hold Church leaders feet to the fire. Christ did it to the Pharisees. It is their job to inform and form the faithful in accordance with Church teaching as the spiritual leaders and directors of the Church and to lead by example. When they fail to uphold Church teaching we have every right to hold them accountable in a direct yet respectful manner. There is no need to make it personal. Take Bishop Barron for instance. Those in his diocese need to share the Church’s teaching with him straight from the Catechism and remind him of his duty to uphold this standard, both clergy and laity alike. As I’m sure many have. His comments on same sex marriage did cause an uproar from Catholics who actually care about what the Church teaches, and rightfully so.
    I’ve got no personal vendetta against anyone who struggles with the experience of same sex attraction. A favourite Catholic media man of mine is Michael Voris. He lived the homosexual lifestyle for decades before his authentic Catholic conversion. In my eyes he was never even a homosexual, Christ has wiped his sins clean. His back story, pre-conversion, is irrelevant to me.
    My issue is with Church (educational and media) leaders who fail to address the gravity of the act and the social engineering that we’re being bombarded with due to the failure of the clergy and Catholics in general to defend the fullness of the Faith both inside and outside of the Church. Homosexual acts are the tip of the iceberg. Pornography/masturbation/fornication, contraceptives, direct abortion, all these things and more are objectively mortal evils (always grave matter) that are eating away the moral and social fabric of our families and nations.
    I personally struggled with pornography in the past. Upon my conversion and even during the lead up to it, I was NOT offended by the objective truth that pornography is a mortal sin. I was convicted in my heart by this TRUTH! Repentance begins with conviction! Why would a practicing homosexual want to repent when even Church leaders give him the impression it’s not that big a deal? It IS a big deal, as is pornography!
    What public resistance did Church leaders give before the US Supreme Court same sex marriage ruling? What public resistance have they given since? Where was the open public resistance against Hilary who conspired against the Church (see Wikileaks revelations) and wanted abortion legalised up until the last moment a woman is ready to give natural birth? They were scared about losing their tax exempt status, right? They don’t seem to be concerned about this when they fight Trump’s reasonablerefugee stance on properly vetting refugees (and if  the reports are true they are pocketing millions from the government funding them to help bring in these refugees, real human beings who are being used as political pawns to serve nefarious agendas).
    Once upon a time, sodomy was a death penalty crime in many US states. Now homosexual marriage is a constitutional right! How far we’ve fallen!
    Honestly, it feels like we’re living in the twilight zone today! Hahaha
    We have a Church full of men and women who think the greatest mortal sin in the world is “hurting a person’s feelings” (and I get the impression from this sites censorship Tim is this type of Catholic. It’s bizarre! Hahaha
    If the early Church fathers, upon Christ’s ascension, took the approach Church leaders take today, Christendom would NEVER have arisen! The first time a Christian was thrown in a lion’s den the rest of them would’ve buckled! Hahaha
    That’s why I’m predicting, unless something drastically changes beyond the mere political, a Church renewal will arise solely by the blood of martyrs. It’s well known, the blood of our martyrs are the seeds of the Church.
    God love you, Tim and everyone here!
    Farewell! Hopefully we’ll all see each other in heaven, that includes Cal!

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