Bikinis Make Meanies – The Dialogue #58


Talking about research that found that men’s brains see women in bikinis the way men look at tools (things to be used). Also on board in this loaded show is the importance of honesty and integrity, as well as a few words about immigration politics to kick things off.



  1. Friends!

    There is an old saying “where there is truth there is fire.” There is a
    racist brand of anti-immigration that’s being fuelled in the West today. It’s known as the alt-right movement. Everything
    is about race and genetics to them first and foremost rather than the content of a persons character. It’s a veiled form of Nazism.

    saying that, I agree with you Cal. It’s not racist to be concerned
    about immigration in and of itself (when we don’t make it about Social
    Darwinism). Personally speaking, I believe in little to no immigration.
    This immigration issue is a symptom of a much deeper problem. Native
    westerners are marrying less and having less children due to artificial
    birth control methods. Our modernist culture is very nihilistic. 
    Immigration is filling this vacuum. Our governments have implemented
    immigration as a “population replacement” program.

    Rejecting Christ and
    the Churches teaching does have real life consequences.

    This is my first comment, still listening…

  2. “Evolutionary psychology says…” If women have always generally been attracted to men with wealth and power this attraction is intrinsic to their nature.

    A primary role of men is to provide. Women hold the child in their womb for 9 months. Women breastfeed. Babies and toddlers primarily need nurturing in those early years and children are naturally attached to the mother more so than the father because she is their primary nurturer. It’s perfectly natural for women to be attracted to men who can protect and provide. These attributes, male and female, masculine and feminine, compliment each other. This is human biology as created by God.

    None of these truths have evolved. They are as they have always been. “Cheats” are just that, cheats. There are studies that conclude using bottled milk isn’t as healthy for the development of the baby. Bottled milk doesn’t change the reality that women still physically develop breast milk when they have a baby. These cheats e.g. the pill (which has its own health issues) and bottled milk aren’t evolutionary. They are regressive (unless the woman can’t breastfeed for genuine health reasons of course), even dehumanising, because they reject that which is organically human.

    Talk to the average Westerner today about “organic food” and they’re all ears. Speak about organic procreative sex and the likely response will be indifference or disdain…

  3. Tim, I agree with Father D’s observations. Objectively speaking, lying is lying. It’s deceptive by nature. I believe it can harm children and lead them to later question their very faith in God when this lie is finally exposed. This might not be true in your experience. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true for others. A favourite argument of atheists today is “All religion is a myth.” How many of these atheists were taught the Santa myth as children?

    We can only speculate. But if just “one” child loses his or her faith in Christ as a reaction to discovering the Santa lie, that’s one too many.

    I, as Fr. D did, get that not all lies are equal. Lying to a wife when you are hiding an adultery is obviously a much graver sin than teaching a kid Santa is real. Nevertheless we don’t need to be lying to children about Santa. I wish the Santa tradition was never created in the first place to be honest because it does distract our society from its intended purpose to celebrate the birth of Christ.

    Credo is my favourite Vericast Network show because Fr. D is a priest of the highest order.

  4. Tim, if a female asks you if you love her outfit and you don’t want to her feelings  because you don’t, you can respond without responding.

    For example, you could say in a humorous manner, “I’m illiterate when it comes to fashion, the last persons advice you want is mine.” If she persists you can keep responding like a politician would! hahaha

    This is just an example. We can’t always tell a person the truth. This is true. Sometimes people ask personal questions we’d rather keep private for instance.  But we don’t need to lie about it. That’s a choice. We can simply tell the person you’d rather keep it private or duck the question…

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    God Bless

  6. Tim/Cal,
    A good show as usual. The report correlating images with brain activity sounded interesting it highlights the danger of misdirection people are recognised as objects within the subconscious..
    Did you ever consider that statement associated with George Washington ” I must not tell a lie” as histical fact or trying to promote American independence? Then you have the infamous line associated with Goebels repeating the same lie being recognised as fact I’m paraphrasing it as I forget the exact wording.
    With the subject of immigrant Cal your 100% the hypocrisy of Saudi Arabia talking in no refugees but then again we need their oil so say nothing
    Keep up the good work

  7. In brief, I’ll explain why I’m critical of the Alt-Right movement.

    As a conservative audience I’m sure most folks here are  aware of the radical left threat. Let’s call them Marxist Communists e.g. of the Joseph Stalin variety. I’m not sure how many people are aware of the threat of the radical right though a.k.a. the Alt-Right (or Alt-Reich). The Alt-Right is a movement rooted in Nazi ideology/racialism and it’s rising. See: (present day Germany) (present day Germany) (Nazi Germany)


    I understand the reckless policies of the Merkel government on Muslim immigration is fuelling this radicalism. The problem is it’s an extreme and reactionary response, which is exactly what the Nazis in Germany’s power structure want. Make no mistake about it. The world is returning to pre-world war I/II conditions.

    Communism and Nazism are opposite sides of the same pendulum. They are both rooted in Social Darwinism and they are both Anti-Christ.

    Let’s face it. We live in a world hell bent on marching toward Armageddon today. All signs are pointing toward it. A time is coming when we will have to make a choice, Christ or Antichrist.

    God Bless

  8. mat_y Regarding: “A time is coming when we will have to make a choice, Christ or Antichrist.”
    I agree. And in preparation for that, people right now are choosing between the Gospel and the anti-gospel.

  9. Unfortunately Jedi master there seem to be more on the side of the anti gospel maybe if the church wasn’t involved with internal friction and continued working from the same perspective by making its teachings idiot proof,that even all clerics may guide us laity without personal agendas
    By the way the original Jedi master(Sir Alec Guinness played Fr Ignatius Brown) the crime solving priest in 1954 and later converted to the Catholic Church

  10. Not many episodes of any show will have a range of topics from bikinis to turtle necks…thanks for common sense and a whole lot of laughter! 
    When a woman matures to the point of realizing bikinis are not attractive but only were designed by guys to stimulate men, then she is wise enough to never wear one.
    As for men in turtle necks, honestly, I picture my husband wearing one and a ski sweater, while he and I snuggle in front of a fire, sipping on wine and enjoying each other.  I can’t wait to ask him if wearing one is like being strangled by a weak person.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. Tim/Cal and Audience,

    I have one final offering for the week. Please, read: 
    (study the article below the video posted)

    Disclaimer: This recommendation is limited to these 2 articles, not itself. They are heavy handed in their perspective in ways because they let emotionalism get the best of them, and this can go as far as erring from Church teaching and even slandering Church saints e.g. JP2. This is why I can’t give them a blanket endorsement. The recommendation above is limited to these 2 articles. 

    On the topic of emotions. Tim, emotions are a powerful and profound force, when ruled by reason. They are an integral part of the human person. I believe this is the secret to the success of flawed online mega successes like Alex Jones. Audiences resonate with authenticity and emotions are an intimate part of the human experience. The problem with Jones and the like (including the Shoebat’s) is that their emotions aren’t always ruled by reason and this clouds their intellect and impairs their judgement. It is a fine line but simple to distinguish, especially for us Catholics who know Church teaching i.e. Christ/Truth. My advice is don’t be afraid to harness the power of your emotions. They are a powerful God-given force for the good, again when ruled by reason.
    Gob Bless

  12. mat_y 


    Furthermore, read: (you can find endless sources confirming this fact)

    Again, reject the Truth (Christ and His bride, the Catholic Church) and suffer the natural consequences of that:

    People in general love to blame God for the failures of men. For example, “It’s God’s fault there is so much poverty.” When the reality is we produce more than enough food for everyone and could produce much more if we wanted too. The real problem is mankind has rebelled against God/Truth/Love. I state this as a Catholic, not as an agnostic. The Catholic Church holds the fullness of Christ’s revelation to man. Its ethic is entirely rooted in universal natural and divine law, laws that perfectly compliment each other e.g. procreation is between a man and a woman (natural law) and sex should be exclusively confined to the sanctity of marriage (divine law). This natural law of procreation perfectly compliments the divine law of marriage, in the same way as the masculine nature of man compliments the feminine nature of woman.

    The entire Catholic ethic is grounded in reality. It’s the whole reason why I’m a Catholic. Every other world religion, I’m including atheism is this category, teaches varying degrees of moral relativism and/or contradictions. No other major world religion teaches monogamy as law for instance, not one. This is exclusively a Catholic teaching, one that we take for granted in the West today. It won’t last for much longer though if we maintain our present course. I’d say another generation, max. Our Catholic definition of marriage has already been perverted and redefined in modern times.

    These are the fruits of atheistic secular humanism (the French Revolution) and the Protestant revolutions before that. Germany was the first European nation to revolt against the Catholic Church. Martin Luther, the leader of this revolution was extremely anti-Semitic. The Nazis disseminated Luther’s book “The Jews and their Lies” as a justification for Jewish concentration camps. This is a historical fact:

    Seeing where Germany is nowadays and where they are heading isn’t the least bit surprising for those of us with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

    Blaming God for the failures of men includes blaming is holy Catholic Church for those who abuse the cloth. It’s not God’s fault when men choose to abuse their freewill, whether Catholic or otherwise. In the same way as its not a parents fault if their child grows up to be a criminal when they raised him to have good strong ethics.

    Sorry to veer so far from the topic at hand and hog the message board. I just wanted to provide background and context for the previous views shared.

    (Tim, part 1 of that prophesy blog post is also worth reading if you have the time).

    Signing off for the week (at least)!

    God’s blessings to all.

  13. AFlowerofStTherese 

    The timing of these messages was uncanny with what’s happened since in terms of terrorist activity. Another aspect of Germany’s flood of Muslim immigrants people are failing to consider is its historical Nazi alliance with Muslim Turkey:

    I see a correlation here and believe the real agenda (conspiracy) behind all this is the annihilation of Christ and the Catholic Church i.e. Truth, which we as Catholics know will ultimately fall short as it is written. 

    In the meantime Germany’s elitists are committed to the cause of Antichrist at the expense of their own nation and people. War is brewing…

    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  14. The problem isn’t that American women are revealing too much. American men do have a problem with sexualizing the breast to a point where this fetish with the female breast is very obvious when they travel outside of the United States. I’m sure you’re an exception Tim.
    My breast are not even out there. I don’t wear revealing clothes that show too much skin. On a few occassions where I’ve encountered an American male, they have a problem with staring at that particular body part. They also have this look in their eyes, like they’re under a spell. It’s really unwanted attention. Sometimes, I’ll turn away so I’m not facing them. I had this one coworker where I literally had to run in the opposite direction so I won’t have to deal with his eyes.

  15. AFlowerofStTherese
    In my opinion it is a lack of moral formation in both men and women which makes them susceptible to the narrative of eat drink for tomorrow we die as promoted in the western society. Both are casualties as we see societies swallow the amorality ethos.
    Running away from your coworker doesn’t address his problem or make you secure though now you have an opportunity to correct the circumstances assuming you still work with the person

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