Socials Smackdown! #4 – “Was the flood real?”


Another live Facebook fight, preceding episode 62 of The Dialogue. This was also our first broadcast to Periscope, and we “fought” over the question of whether the great flood of Noah was real, or just fan fiction.  This was a great question sent to us by one of our Facebaook fans. Live fights are determined by the fans via Facebook, and are broadcast to Facebook Live, and to Periscope. Follow our Facebook fan page to get in on the action –


  1. Tim,
    I look forward to seeing you and Cal butt heads more on the flood and Noah’s Ark! haha

    another note, you’ve probably noticed that the attention span of the
    average person is becoming less and less acute nowadays due to our
    attachment to technologies such as Ipad’s and Iphones etc. That’s why I
    think posting short succinct videos once a week minimum, ideally more,
    is the perfect bait to reel in a significantly larger audience.

    look at Michael Voris who posts a daily ‘Vortex’ Mon-Fri or Father Mike
    Schmitz who posts short 5-10 minute videos once or twice a week for his
    media operation ‘Ascension Presents’, or Bishop Barren who does the
    same thing. 
    As far as I can tell this is the optimal
    approach for building an audience that reaches into the 10’s of
    thousands and beyond. Please keep up your other shows. Bishop Barren
    also has a website with a podcast, articles, homilies, etc. Again, his
    short videos serve as an ideal introduction for new listeners and as good
    regular doses of Catholic truth for those who simply have short attention spans due to our
    modern “quick fix” culture! 🙂

    Just an idea…

    Thanks and God Bless!


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