Real Science Fiction – The Dialogue #63


Talking about the social and moral implications of SciFi movies and TV shows that have become a reality. We also lock horns on the question “How do we live long and prosper with only science??” and discuss whether humanity, WITHOUT religion, would really work in the interests of the common good during a zombie apocalypse or on a Mars colony.



  1. Cal/Tim,
    You have covered quite a variety with Sci if that became real the original Star Trek mobile phone were fictional during the 60s but became real within 20 years. With a mars colony I would say the collective mindset would need to be established. I question how you “live long and prosper ” without an economic system in place.
    I don’t think that God would make the same mistake by putting humanoid on other planets. Look at the mess that human history tells us. Cal what is commonly called the dark ages had been known as Christendom with the invention of the university system and hospital Catherine of Siena if memory serves
    Keep up the good work

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