Welcome to the new website of The Dialogue!  We’ve been mulling over the idea of launching an independent website for some time. There are some things we want to do that require the freedom and space of our own website, and it also lets us provide you, our loyal fans, with a more engaging experience


We plan on rolling out some neat features for ya’.  Cal and I will do the occasional video monologue and make them available here on the site.  We also want to write some simple blog posts about our thoughts on events or articles or video clips that don’t necessarily warrant an entire show.  You know us, we can’t keep quiet about anything.

We also have some interactive ideas, and an idea for another casual show, but I’m going to keep that under wraps until those things are ready to launch.

“The world has lost its mind!”


We don’t get paid for this. Cal and I are devoted to the mission of The Dialogue, because it’s that important.  The Dialogue, as part of Vericast Network, has an important role of bringing Truth to the masses. It does that uniquely, because it can be marketed to a non-religious audience.  But since it’s launch in 2014 things have changed in the world, in the culture, and even online.  As I say all the time, “The world has lost its mind!”  There has never been a more urgent need for a podcast to bring logic, sense, reason, and TRUTH to the world that flat-out hates it.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and the site. Please be patient as we gradually continue to build features into the site.  And please take part in the mission of the podcast by sharing it with others on your social networks.  Speaking of social networks, remember to Like us on Facebook!

If there’s a God out there (Sorry, atheists, but there is!) may he be with you all.