Be careful what you say on YouTube! According to an article on Engadget, YouTube has begun cracking down on so-called “offensive” content. We’re not talking about videos that are objectively bad, but content that YouTube/Google deem subjectively offensive.

To make this a little more real for you, most of Vericast Network’s videos have been demonetized over the past couple of weeks, including completely innocuous episodes like “Confirmation, Catholic Graduation?” , “Fatima 100 Years Later” and “Remember Human Dignity”.

While conservative publishers and other religious content producers are also coming under the axe I’m sure there are others, too. I’m sure there are atheist, and non-religious content creators who risk YouTube’s wrath if they were to say something wacky, like “It’s scientifically factual there are only two genders” while outfits like The Young Turks can say just about any truly offensive, or stupid thing they want, and never fall out of favor with YouTube.

But here’s an added kick to the face.  It’s no longer just about the money. Losing the ability to earn money by letting YouTube run ads is now just the tip of the iceberg. Now offending content producers won’t even be able to effectively utilize YouTube at al!

According to Engaget:
“The videos that fall into this category won’t be able to run ads and those who post them won’t be able to make money off of the content. Comments will also be disabled. Additionally, these videos won’t be included in any recommended lists or be able to play when embedded in other websites and a warning screen will appear before they play. The restrictions are meant to curtail engagement and minimize the videos’ reach.”

So now not only could you risk losing a source of revenue, but a publisher may not even be able to use YouTube’s platform in any meaningful way. Personally I’m not hit too hard by losing the ability to run ads. But I’d be completely undone if our videos can’t be played or embedded.  I could request a manual review of our videos to have them potentially re-monetized, but small publishers/creators like us don’t get the time of day at YouTube. Unless we’re getting 1,000 views per week on a video, YouTube won’t review it or consider your appeal.

It’s practically a gag order. YouTube grew in power, they become the king of video hosting, and now they’re leveraging that power to silence anyone who has the nerve to be religious, conservative, or to otherwise go against the grain of the culture’s hive mind. We haven’t received that full force of YouTube’s wrath yet. We can’t earn money with our content anymore, but at least our videos are still embeddable and playable. But how long will that last?

This is only the beginning. As part of their war against so-called “fake news” (a term that has yet to be objectively defined, and it never will be) Facebook is ratcheting up their censorship and suppression of users posts, shared links, and their boosting (advertising) campaigns. Facebook has long been censoring conservative and religious users but, like YouTube, they’re taking their anti-liberty, anti-speech war to a new level.

This is bad news for every rational person with a beating heart. Restricting speech and imposing on free thought is slowly becoming normal in the modern culture. It’s happening in schools, on the internet, in business. When people are told what to think, how to think, and what they can or cannot say, a people become disempowered. Then you have to ask yourself who it is that still has the power, and what will they do with it?

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