Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ben Shapiro: A Good Jew, But a Bad Moralist

Ben Shapiro seems like a great guy, and I believe he's a person of good character. I'm also confident that he's a good Jew. But he's making moral statements from a point of view that is entirely detached from Catholicism and Catholic thought, resulting in conclusions and statements that are not only wrong, but dangerous.

Strength in Diversity? No way!

You hear a lot of talk about diversity — There's strength in diversity, etc. But I say diversity is not our strength; in fact it can potentially be a weakness. On last week's episode I called diversity a cancer to a culture. But I forgot to back up and explain why I was saying that. So here's the explanation.


Welcome to the new website of The Dialogue!  We've been mulling over the idea of launching an independent website for some time. There are some things we want to...

The benefits of medical marijuana

The term "miracle cure" gets thrown around a lot these days, especially on the internet. Adverts for weight loss pills that allow people to shed 15% of their body...