Friday, December 14, 2018

Rap Attack! – Pre-Show #71

During our prep for Episode 71 we got into talking about rap battles and freestyle rapping. This was popular in New York City "back in the day", and today...

What’s in a Name – Episode 70 Pre-Show

A bit of fun during our preparation for Episode 70 of The Dialogue. Tim and Cal chat about nicknames. Tim remembers a bad experience following a "fake news" report...

Socials Smackdown! – Religion and Raising Children?

In this round of our popular "Live Fight" shorts, Cal "The Famous Atheist" Kane and Tim "Technician of Truth" Haines square off on the question of whether religion is important in the raising of children.

Socials Smackdown #2 – Reason vs. Knowledge

Our second Live Fight, we focus on the question of whether reason alone can answer all of mankind's questions (or is faith needed to??)

Socials Smackdown! #4 – “Was the flood real?”

Another live Facebook fight, and our first broadcast to Periscope, where we "fight" over the question of whether the great flood of Noah was real, or just fan fiction. This was a great question sent to us by one of our Facebaook fans.

Drugs, Gender, Volatility: Pre-Show to The Dialogue Ep. 58

Before we started recording Episode 58 of The Dialogue, we got into a discussion about the destructiveness of drug use, which resulted in a discussion about the volatility of...

Where’s the World Going? – Post-Show Jamboree

After the live broadcast of what will probably be known as one of the best episodes of The Dialogue EVER, Tim and Cal keep the action going, talking about the episode, and locking horns on where they believe the world is headed in the next 10 years. We also debate about a couple of other issues.