Friday, December 14, 2018

Feminism, Exorcism, Truthism – The Dialogue #57

First we talk about feminism in Britain and why it's really "Womanism". Then in the second half of the show, Tim and Cal square off, talking about medical professionals' thoughts and diagnosis upon reviewing a real exorcism, presented by the director of the movie The Exorcist.

“Letting Off Steam” — The Dialogue #48

It's time to let off some steam! Tim brings down the thunder on a ridiculous video that questions the existence of Jesus. Cal let's the fire fly against Black Lives Matter and the hypocrisy of some modern secular cultural thought

Sex Doesn’t Sell — Episode 10

about some news stories dealing with "sexual education" and sexual misinformation. It results in a bit of a heated back-and-forth regarding sex education, and sexual ethics

Is God Moral? — The Dialogue Ep. 7

Is God moral? Is the question even valid? What is morality anyway? Tim (The Catholic) and Cal (The Atheist) discuss the question, and debate over the question of what morality even is.

History and Scripture — Episode 8

Tim and Cal discuss scripture, how atheists fail to understand it, and how Catholics......well it's just about how atheists fail to understand it ;-) This discussion got pretty heated as...

Real Science Fiction – The Dialogue #63

Talking about the social and moral implications of SciFi movies and TV shows that have become a reality. We also lock horns on the question "How do we live long and prosper with only science??" and discuss whether humanity, WITHOUT religion, would really work in the interests of the common good during a zombie apocalypse or on a Mars colony.

Trump Travel Ban (And liberal free-speech ban) – The Dialogue #65

Talking about the horrendous media coverage of, and public outrage over the so-called Trump travel ban. Also we talk about a riot that broke out at Berkeley to shut down the free-speech of Milo Yiannopoulos, and similar hysteria at NYU to protest another conservative speaker, Gavin McInnes. This episode can be summed up in one line: "We told you so!"

Politics and Reason – The Dialogue #54

An atheist and a Catholic discuss American politics, the election, and political correctness. We debate over Trump and Clinton, then talk about a British governing body enforcing soft Sharia on a British citizen, and then, talk about the morality and ethics of sexual promiscuity and prostitution.

Truth and Secular — The Dialogue Ep. 9

Discussing issues that come down to a disagreement on what the truth is. Do we need the "Secular ten commandments"? Is the bible just a fantasy book? And what's up with Dawkins??

Feminism Myth Busting – The Dialogue #53

For our first Myth Busting epsiode, we’ll be talking about Feminism, the pay gap (pay inequality). We also bust the myth that feminism is good for men (or women)....