Thursday, October 18, 2018

“Kid Conundrums” — Episode 45

When you form children, you're forming the future. With that in mind, what kind of future are we forming when kids are raised to be good citizens, but not Good persons? Covered in this episode are immunization, education, the family's disposition, absentee parents, and more.

Year in Review – The Dialogue #60

On this last episode of The Dialogue for 2016, we look back on the show's crusade through the past year.. Radical Islam, free speech, and liberty have been the main subjects that we covered this past year, and we talk about a couple of those shows, and double-down on voicing our opinions. Because safe spaces are for chumps! We also share some details about the great stuff we have in store for you in 2017!

The Dialogue Ep. 30 — “Reason is Taboo”

Our thoughts on Brussels, terrorism, and the cultural response to critical dialogue regarding Islam, Race, and reality. Also, is the legalization of drugs sensible or stupid, given the current state of crime, and in light of what we learned during Prohibition in America?

“Logical Islamaphobia” — The Dialogue #52

The Western world, enacting laws based on popular opinion rather than on truth, is tripping over it's self-defeating new age, social justice philosophy. But luckily not everyone is blind to reality and logic, as you will see in this episode.

Choosing Sides – Episode 32

Which side are you on? People seem to be confused about that question, and in trying to find the “right” side, they often get lost—sometimes landing on some right answers, but not knowing why. Which means they apply the right answers dangerously

“What Is Alive?” — Episode #47

What is alive, and what does it mean to be alive? In this episode we approach the question from different angles and talk about whether/how human consciousness has anything to do with being alive. See full description for more

Free Will: Round 2! – The Dialogue #66 (EXTENDED!)

Do human beings really have free will, or are we restricted by determinism? Are we slaves, or masters of our fate and destiny?

Bullying – Episode #51

Bullying has been part of the experience of human adolescence since the caves. But how we handle it today is contrary to the human constitution. We perpetuate the “victim state” and don’t teach young people confidence, or how to rise above adversity.

Solutions – Episode #78

What are some solutions to the social illnesses we see in the culture?

History and Scripture — Episode 8

Tim and Cal discuss scripture, how atheists fail to understand it, and how Catholics......well it's just about how atheists fail to understand it ;-) This discussion got pretty heated as...