Sunday, August 19, 2018

DEBATE: Blasphemy, or Stupidity? — Episode #76

Stephen Fry is being investigated and accused of violating blasphemy laws for statements made in an old interview on Irish Television. But can what he said be classified as blasphemy or can it more accurately be characterized as pure stupidity? Fry’s idea of “God” is typically distorted, and we will be debating over the substance of his words.

Freedom From Speech? – The Dialogue #68

Does the Western World care about freedom of speech anymore? When you look at the latest explosion of news regarding Milo Yiannopoulos, it's hard to say. This episode discusses how we regard the value of free speech, and how we handle the responsibility that comes with it.

“Kid Conundrums” — Episode 45

When you form children, you're forming the future. With that in mind, what kind of future are we forming when kids are raised to be good citizens, but not Good persons? Covered in this episode are immunization, education, the family's disposition, absentee parents, and more.

“Inventing Gods” – Episode #49

Have theists actually invented God, or is it secularists who invent false gods—just as the ancients did—in their rejection of the true God? Mankind was made for truth, and are naturally disposed to seeking out God (Truth Himself). Even atheists do!

On the Manchester Attack – Episode #77

Discussing the war on the Christian West, and the recent terror attack in Manchester and talk about who is really winning and losing in this war, and why. This is a bigger issue than just “ISIS” or “Radicalism”, and no one else is talking about it

Life on Trial: Civilization Pt. 2 – The Dialogue #64

It's time for Cal to put Tim on the stand! Cal will "prosecute" Tim's Catholic Monarchy model of civilization. This is Part 2 of “Civilization” in our Life on Trial series

“Life on Trial: Civilization (Pt. 1)” – The Dialogue #62

Cal presents his case for a secular civilization, and it's put on trial, and prosecuted by the Catholic, Tim Haines. This is the opening trial of our "Life on Trial" series of episodes.

History and Scripture — Episode 8

Tim and Cal discuss scripture, how atheists fail to understand it, and how Catholics......well it's just about how atheists fail to understand it ;-) This discussion got pretty heated as...

“Human Cloning & Artificial Intelligence” – Episode 46

The idea of cloning human beings is scary. What is its real value to the human order, and what are the moral implications, and the risks to humanity? This takes us into a conversation about souls human intelligence, and artificial intelligence, which is almost as scary as cloning!

Socials Smackdown! – Religion and Raising Children?

In this round of our popular "Live Fight" shorts, Cal "The Famous Atheist" Kane and Tim "Technician of Truth" Haines square off on the question of whether religion is important in the raising of children.