Friday, December 14, 2018

“Logical Islamaphobia” — The Dialogue #52

The Western world, enacting laws based on popular opinion rather than on truth, is tripping over it's self-defeating new age, social justice philosophy. But luckily not everyone is blind to reality and logic, as you will see in this episode.

Bullying – Episode #51

Bullying has been part of the experience of human adolescence since the caves. But how we handle it today is contrary to the human constitution. We perpetuate the “victim state” and don’t teach young people confidence, or how to rise above adversity.

The Dialogue’s 50th Episode Celebration!

It's our 50th episode, and we're celebrating four years of friendship, and "friendly dialogue, and soft debate" with a few drinks and a look back on some past, early episodes of The Dialogue.

“Inventing Gods” – Episode #49

Have theists actually invented God, or is it secularists who invent false gods—just as the ancients did—in their rejection of the true God? Mankind was made for truth, and are naturally disposed to seeking out God (Truth Himself). Even atheists do!

“Letting Off Steam” — The Dialogue #48

It's time to let off some steam! Tim brings down the thunder on a ridiculous video that questions the existence of Jesus. Cal let's the fire fly against Black Lives Matter and the hypocrisy of some modern secular cultural thought

“What Is Alive?” — Episode #47

What is alive, and what does it mean to be alive? In this episode we approach the question from different angles and talk about whether/how human consciousness has anything to do with being alive. See full description for more

Socials Smackdown #2 – Reason vs. Knowledge

Our second Live Fight, we focus on the question of whether reason alone can answer all of mankind's questions (or is faith needed to??)

“Human Cloning & Artificial Intelligence” – Episode 46

The idea of cloning human beings is scary. What is its real value to the human order, and what are the moral implications, and the risks to humanity? This takes us into a conversation about souls human intelligence, and artificial intelligence, which is almost as scary as cloning!

“Kid Conundrums” — Episode 45

When you form children, you're forming the future. With that in mind, what kind of future are we forming when kids are raised to be good citizens, but not Good persons? Covered in this episode are immunization, education, the family's disposition, absentee parents, and more.

Debating the God Debate — Episode #43

Deconstructing and responding to the most common—and most annoying—arguments that Tim gets from atheists, and Cal gets from theists. It’s a different, and less boring spin on the usual “does God exist” debate but there’s no compromise of reason and fury as we get down and dirty in this verbal fist-fight.