Friday, December 14, 2018
The Dialogue

The Dialogue

A Catholic (Tim Haines), an Atheist (Cal Kane), a Dialogue.  The Dialogue shows how a Catholic and a classical Atheist can have a civilized conversation, even in areas where they disagree—and boy do they disagree!  The Dialogue features discussions on secular news topics, science, and social issues, as well as conversations about issues where Tim and Cal take opposing sides, soft debate, and sometimes not-so-soft debate.

DEBATE: Blasphemy, or Stupidity? — Episode #76

Stephen Fry is being investigated and accused of violating blasphemy laws for statements made in an old interview on Irish Television. But can what he said be classified as blasphemy or can it more accurately be characterized as pure stupidity? Fry’s idea of “God” is typically distorted, and we will be debating over the substance of his words.

Religion’s Place in Society – Episode 75

What is the balance, or nuance that should be established when discussing religion, and religion's place in society? We discuss a couple of news stories that provide an example of lack of nuance when discussing religion's role in the culture. We also talk about observing the big picture—true in religion, true in the politics, and true in the world.

Chemical Attacks in Syria – Episode #73

Discussing the chemical attacks in Syria, and America’s response. Also talking about the latest terror attack in Sweden. And a high school student getting into Stamford after writing "#BlackLivesMatter"...

Scorched Earth Policy – Episode #72

We're burning down Western Civilization, leaving nothing left for the civilized and the rational. The Scorched Earth Policy was a military strategy where a retreating army would destroy or...

Satan in Schools? – The dialogue #71

An "After School Satan" club receiving swift tax exempt status gets us into a discussion about religion, anti-religions, and whether they should be treated equally. Part of the conversation...

It’s Alive….ALIVE! – The Dialogue #70

Fake meat from a lab, and a human-pig hybrid. Is there a consequence—spiritual, physical, cultural, or otherwise—to turing the living into the synthetic? A Catholic and an Atheist chime in. Go to for the Pre-show and after-show

God in the Classroom? – Episode 69

This turned out to be a really heated conversation! Should God and religion ever be discussed in a secular classroom? If so, should atheism also get a platform?

Hedonism and Hell-Raising – The Dialogue #67

After talking about morality vs. hedonism, we get into discussing the woman's march, and why hysterical liberal women fail to represent real women. Also...

Free Will: Round 2! – The Dialogue #66 (EXTENDED!)

Do human beings really have free will, or are we restricted by determinism? Are we slaves, or masters of our fate and destiny?

Real Science Fiction – The Dialogue #63

Talking about the social and moral implications of SciFi movies and TV shows that have become a reality. We also lock horns on the question "How do we live long and prosper with only science??" and discuss whether humanity, WITHOUT religion, would really work in the interests of the common good during a zombie apocalypse or on a Mars colony.