Thursday, October 18, 2018
The Dialogue

The Dialogue

A Catholic (Tim Haines), an Atheist (Cal Kane), a Dialogue.  The Dialogue shows how a Catholic and a classical Atheist can have a civilized conversation, even in areas where they disagree—and boy do they disagree!  The Dialogue features discussions on secular news topics, science, and social issues, as well as conversations about issues where Tim and Cal take opposing sides, soft debate, and sometimes not-so-soft debate.


“Inventing Gods” – Episode #49

Have theists actually invented God, or is it secularists who invent false gods—just as the ancients did—in their rejection of the true God? Mankind was made for truth, and are naturally disposed to seeking out God (Truth Himself). Even atheists do!

Let’s Talk About Sex – Episode 36

Even an Atheist can change his thinking, even if he can't change his mind. We revisit a couple of early episodes to square off on some old feuds, as Cal refutes an old argument of his own, regarding morality, and Tim brings peace to a "tornado".

Is God Moral? — The Dialogue Ep. 7

Is God moral? Is the question even valid? What is morality anyway? Tim (The Catholic) and Cal (The Atheist) discuss the question, and debate over the question of what morality even is.

God in the Classroom? – Episode 69

This turned out to be a really heated conversation! Should God and religion ever be discussed in a secular classroom? If so, should atheism also get a platform?

“Kid Conundrums” — Episode 45

When you form children, you're forming the future. With that in mind, what kind of future are we forming when kids are raised to be good citizens, but not Good persons? Covered in this episode are immunization, education, the family's disposition, absentee parents, and more.


Talking about the Planned Parenthood videos from both an atheist, and Catholic perspective, we then get into talking about our thoughts on feminism, gender, and basic intellectual honesty that’s missing from the modern culture.

Satan in Schools? – The dialogue #71

An "After School Satan" club receiving swift tax exempt status gets us into a discussion about religion, anti-religions, and whether they should be treated equally. Part of the conversation...

Morality — Episode 15

Discussing morality from top to bottom. Can an atheist be moral without God? Are animals moral, and does morality just come from nature? What makes a thing moral, and how can we know that it's right or wrong?

Discrimination or Choice? — Episode 6

Discussing news stories that touch on discrimination....or is it actually about choice and selection??? Not everything that is a selection is necessarily discriminatory.

Me-oh-Miley — The Dialogue Ep. 3

The second test episode of "The Dialogue" with Tim Haines and Atheist Cal Kane.